• Micro-Grids

  • Micro-Grids

    A Micro-Grid is a local energy grid with control(s) capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional electric-grid and operate autonomously. Micro-Grids maintain the same voltage, provide the same energy delivery and service quality as the traditional electric-grid, and integrate its energy consumption and energy exportation to the traditional electric grid as needed.



    Micro-Grids are composed of a suite of energy technologies, different Micro-Grids include different energy technologies, and not all Micro-Grids are created equal. Micro-Grid technologies can include energy generation assets, such as turbines, CHP, distributed solar systems, energy storage assets, energy efficiency capabilities, and energy distribution assets. Micro-Grids can be as simple as two of these technologies, but typically include several different technologies to meet the electricity load requirements of the the Micro-Grid and its community.



    Micro-Grids typically only include both energy generation and consumption assets, and often service a specific community of buildings such as residential neighborhood, an office park, corporate campus, a health care campus, or an academic campus of a college or university.




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